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1st JAN - 3rd JAN, luxury foods on a tray for celebrating new year

You can enjoy happy new year in Kurashiki

About 15th JAN, Nanakusa Gayu - seven herb rice porridge

We serve Nanakusa Gayu for guest who stay the day

JAN - APR, Tai chazuke - a bowl of boiled rice with tea in sea bream

The soup was passed to baked sea bream.
We sell Kurashiki morning market on February but sold out only 15 minites by long queue since early morning.
It is made for morning market, original food by Yoshii-Ryokan.

Middle of FEB - MAR

Set of Hina dolls displayed for the Doll Festival in each rooms and have Hina meal. In kurashiki, will have Hina Meguri Festival.
The chief chef become pastry chef and make cake.

APR, season in cherry

Mind of the Japanese who loves a cherry tree.
The chief chef

MAY, Third Saturday and Sunday

We serve Kurashiki Bara Sushi go with Achi shrine Festival. On Yoimiya, there are some paper lanterns belong street, display Suinkyo.

FEB - MAY, Spanish mackerel plate

Sashimi, chopped raw, Shabushabu - hotpot of Spanish mackerel are good taste in Okayama.

JUN, Minaduki Tofu

To xorcize an evil spirit by a dish with adzuki beans and pray for health.

JUL, Doyo no ushi

Our grilled eel over rice is Edo style. We use local eel, and serve only a few days.

Tanabata Festival.
You write a wish on a strip of paper and set on a leaf of bamboo grass.

AUG, Daggertooth pike conger

How about blowing off the heat with daggertooth pike conger Shabu in hot?

SEP, the moon dish

We call soft shelled turtle as "Maru", full moon is also "Maru", how about soft shelled turtle dish?

OCT, third Saturday and Sunday, Byobu Festival

Byobu Festival is held according to the Achi shrine Festival. We also display Byobu from warehouse, and prepare Bara Sushi. There is also a portable shrine line and it's lively.

NOV - FEB, Hotpot

It is a hotpot season. A hot pot with local sea fish, crab. A hot pot with duck is tasted original soup. Or Sukiyaki, Shabu shabu with local beef.

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